EU Twinning Project:

Bridging Urban Msida and Agrarian Buscemi

As we look forward to mid-April 2023, an exciting venture on the horizon is the EU Twinning Project between Msida, Malta, and Buscemi, Sicily. Though geographically close, these two regions offer stark contrasts that promise enlightening discoveries.

Msida, nestled on Malta’s northeast coast, is a hub of urban vitality. Home to approximately 16,000 residents, this town is defined by its scenic marina, the renowned University of Malta, and a deep-rooted history since the era of the Arabs in Malta. In contrast, the picturesque village of Buscemi in Sicily encapsulates the essence of rural Italy. With a humble population of less than 1,000 souls, Buscemi’s landscape is adorned with rolling hills and age-old agricultural practices, echoing the history and traditions of past centuries.

The disparity between Msida’s urban flair and Buscemi’s agrarian nature is central to this twinning initiative. As we move closer to the project’s launch, participants eagerly anticipate exploring the dynamics of city life in Msida juxtaposed against the tranquil allure of Buscemi’s countryside.

A pivotal aspect of this collaboration will revolve around preserving traditions amidst modernity’s whirlwind. Despite its urban growth, Msida fiercely holds onto its Maltese heritage, evident in its local festivals, architectural gems, and daily routines. Buscemi, meanwhile, stands as a testament to Sicilian traditions, from its farming ethos to its culinary heritage.

The culinary dialogue, in particular, is poised to be a highlight. Participants will embark on a gastronomic journey, comparing Msida’s Maltese dishes, influenced by its diverse populace, with Buscemi’s time-honoured Sicilian recipes, nurtured by its close bond with the land.

Yet, beyond traditions, a crucial topic slated for discussion is the pandemic’s impact on the older generations in both areas. The personal tales of elderly individuals, whether from the bustling avenues of Msida or the peaceful lanes of Buscemi, promise insights into resilience and adaptability during these challenging times.

The project’s climax in mid-April will witness the signing of a twinning agreement, symbolising the union of urban and rural worlds. This accord is more than a formal gesture; it heralds a melding of shared experiences and dreams. Further enriching this collaboration, Maltese and Sicilian NGOs will ink an agreement, paving the way for sustained cultural exchanges.

As March unfolds, anticipation builds for the EU Twinning Project’s April commencement. This endeavour underscores the significance of cultural understanding and the magic that arises when two contrasting worlds converge, sharing their traditions, adversities, and aspirations.

16 March 2023