EU Twinning Project:

A Fruitful Beginning

The recently concluded EU Twinning Project between Buscemi, Sicily, and Msida, Malta, has been nothing short of a resounding success. The charming landscapes and heartwarming hospitality of Buscemi paved the way for an enriching cultural exchange that transcended the event’s scheduled days (13 to 16 April).

The project’s outcomes are already visible, proving that the foundations laid were robust and promising. The agreements signed during the twinning have fostered swift collaboration and tangible results. The dynamic meeting between Mayor Margaret Baldaccino Cefai of Msida and Rossela la Pira of Buscemi laid the groundwork for several cooperative initiatives.

Foremost among these is the partnership between Nanniet Malta, a Maltese NGO focusing on the well-being of the elderly, and Sicilian NGOs that advocate for people with disabilities. This collaboration is bolstered by the support of the newly formed Italian Grand Parents Association. Such partnerships speak to the broader vision of the twinning project, which is not just about recognizing shared histories and traditions but also about looking forward to combined efforts that enhance the lives of community members.

A shining example of this new collaboration is Ms Ariana Spadora. Following the twinning and subsequent agreements, Spadora has become the first individual to volunteer her services in Malta. Working with the Msida Local Council, she dedicates her time to assisting older individuals and children. Her work stands as an embodiment of the spirit of the twinning project – an interweaving of communities, skills, and shared goals for a brighter, more integrated future.

Such positive developments are not the endpoint; they are the beginning. The roadmap for 2024 already hints at other promising projects borne from the Buscemi-Msida partnership. While the specifics are yet to be unveiled, the overarching sentiment is one of excitement and anticipation.

In wrapping up this reflection on the twinning project, one cannot overlook the broader implications. It serves as a testament to the power of community-level engagements in fostering international collaboration. By bringing together two distinct towns with their unique attributes and challenges, the twinning project has shown that at the heart of every community is a shared human desire for connection, growth, and mutual enrichment.

Looking ahead, as both Buscemi and Msida reap the benefits of this union, it’s clear that the future holds even more collaborative ventures, learning experiences, and shared successes.

31 May 2023